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Missionary Shipping Services is a leading integrated freight, package and secutities services provider, delivering packages globally. With our experience and expert agents, we’ve continuously raised the bar for supply chain solutions for over three decades.

With one of the most extensive networks in Afica, Asia and Europe, we reach some of the most remote locations, helping businesses and individuals to deliver their promises and drive results through customized shipping and supply chain solutions.

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During the last 6 years, Kevin Perry has worked with Vortex Shipping and has held the position as the Company’s CEO the past 4 years.He served as the CEO of Deep Sea Supply Plc from 2010 to 2015 prior to which he was the Company’s CFO from 2005-2010.From 2001 to 2005, he served as CFO in Bergshav Management AS (Grimstad).



Doris has been in the Maritime industry since 1996. Throughout her career, Doris has had various positions within Crewing Management and HR in SeaTeam and AP Moller Maersk group (Romania, Philippines and Singapore). Doris also has a sailing background, and holds a Masters degree in Maritime Law as well as a Bachelors degree in Naval Engineering and Navigation.”



Energetic leader with passion for people, change and momentum. 7 years of shipping experience at various levels in various companies. Technical and operational background from start of career, that transformed into commercial, leadership and organisational roles in recent years.



Brandon Ross has held management positions in the accounting sector of shipping over the last 17 years.During 2007-19, Ross held the position of Group Chief Accountant in Deep Sea Supply PLC, a ship owning company listed in the Norwegian Oslo Stock Exchange.From 2001 to 2004, he has worked for AP Moller-Maersk.

Our team of executives and technicians ensures that our logistics work in the most effective and smoothest ways to enable streamlining of the whole shipping process. Even though the niche is under rapid expansion and the challenges to develop in-focus solutions are growing day by day, our team never makes any compromises on delivering the best on time. With proper management and execution of labor, capital and fuel costs, we make sure that our team finds the best resources to boost productivity. The way our services work and get executed is looked up to by several transport companies in the middle-east. With a team of skilled and expert technicians who are well versed and experienced in the field of logistics and shipping, Aero Freight makes the whole experience seem flawless and effortless. For this reason, we have been successful in getting ourselves established as one of the top shipping and logistics companies. Vortex Shipping also takes great care and caution regarding the safety and security of your cargo and transport items. You can trust us with the fact that our team handles your goods with utmost care and you will not have to bear the burden or stress of getting your goods damaged during transportation. We are one of the best freight forwarding companies in the middle-east that assures the safest transportation of your goods even for international shipping. Also, with us, you will stay tension-free of the hurdles of customs and clearances. Aero Freight will provide you with all the guidance and support you need while dealing with the regulations of import and export.

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Our securities solutions are welcomed and applauded by our clients and regulatory bodies likewise as we provide the best security solution across the globe for both local and international clients.

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